Reports to:  Director, Center for Education Policy

Job Summary:  The Research Associate and Project Coordinator will provide research support to scholars in the Center for Education Policy and will write and co-author Issue Briefs and Backgrounders on issues covered by the Center. This research associate will also author commentary pieces, including opeds and blog posts, conduct independent research, gather data, and provide administrative support for the Center for Education Policy. Additionally, this research associate will serve as Project Coordinator for the Curriculum Resource Initiative, serving as the main point of contact for the initiative, and manage the overall project.

Job Duties:

  • Provide research support to scholars in the Center for Education Policy
  • Provide research support to analysts preparing for briefings and presentations
  • Author or co-author Issue Briefs, Backgrounders, and commentary
  • Organize roundtables, briefings, and events
  • Conduct media interviews, as appropriate
  • Provide briefings to key audiences, as appropriate
  • Administer the Center for Education Policy’s ongoing newsletter
  • Coordinate Curriculum Resource Initiative, vetting content and maintaining website
  • Other duties, including those of an administrative nature, on behalf of the Center for Education Policy


Education:  B.A./B.S. required

Experience:  2-3 years experience in public policy field with specific knowledge and understanding of policy issues related to education policy

Communications:  Strong writing and verbal communications skills; well organized

Technology:  MS Office and Outlook, especially Excel and PowerPoint

Other Requirements:

  • Understand and support the Heritage mission and vision for America, True North conservative principles and the department’s goal and objectives
  • Top-quality research, analysis, writing and communication, with emphasis on accuracy, insightfulness, and timeliness
  • Ability to use Excel and other computational data analysis programs to organize and prepare data for use in research publications and graphics
  • Knowledge of the conservative movement and principles; ability to apply principles to policy research and current topics
  • Professionalism: highest possible character (maturity, integrity, and accountability)

About The Heritage Foundation

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