The American Rescue Plan Coordinator is the individual who is charged with providing the primary support needed for the SDHC’s National Endowment for the Humanities-initiated ARP program.

This position will be an essential member involved in the SDHC group work to create the grants program, determine how to enact the newly created program, and enact the program. The position will require strong individual leadership to be the primary individual enacting all aspects of the program. This position responds directly to the Executive Director of the SDHC.

The position will require the ability to work with others, critical thinking skills, strong written skills, strong online/computer skills, and adaptability. Understanding of the humanities and nonprofits is preferred.

This position is temporary, beginning immediately through approximately December 2021. Part-time, with fluctuating hours, from 10-25 weekly, located both remotely and in-office.

Responsibilities and Duties

The position includes but may not be limited to the following responsibilities:

  • Join in the creation of the overall ARP grants program for SDHC
  • Participate in the writing of documents and web materials for the ARP program
  • Handle creation and maintenance of necessary computer programs (Wufoo, spreadsheets, etc.) and shared documents necessary for the administration of the program
  • Serve as the primary monitor and collections individual for incoming applications
  • Handle communication between ARP grant applicants and the SDHC
  • Upon receiving applications:
    • Determine strength of applications
    • Communicate with applicants to receive updated materials
    • Review and categorize background information
    • Send applicants on to the oversight group that determines the grant awards ✓ Send those replies and subsequent notifications to grant applicants
  • Oversee the distribution of the ARP grants
  • Keep records of grants for SDHC and NEH
  • Produce updates and reports, such as interim, semi-annual, and final, for the NEH, congressional offices, board of directors, and others; this includes gathering final data from all grant awardees regarding their use of funds


  • Appropriate education, organization skills, and management ability Must be at least 21 years of age
    Specific skills

    • Microsoft Office Suite required; Salesforce preferred o Communication, including website posting and editing o Data Entry
    • CustomerService
    • Basic understanding of budgeting
  • Personal characteristics
    • Dependable
    • Self-motivated,excellenttimemanagement
    • Positive attitude
    • Team orientated
    • Ability to work and communicate effectively in written, oral, and virtual formats.

Physical Effort and Work Environment

  • Prolonged sitting, at a desk using a computer
  • Lift 25 lbs (boxes of books, move tables/chairs)
  • Walk and/or stand for long periods of time
  • Climb a step ladder
  • Occasionally work extended hours and travel out of town, potentially overnight, to attend
    conferences or work events.

To Apply

If you are interested in applying, please email your inquiry to apply@sdhumanities.org.

About South Dakota Humanities Council

The South Dakota Humanities Council (SDHC), founded in 1972 in response to an act of Congress, is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit and the only cultural organization in the state whose sole mission is to deliver humanities programming to the people of South Dakota.

Our vision is to lead statewide advocacy for the humanities, working with other partners to foster literary and civic engagement.

This programming vision forms the core mission.

The South Dakota Humanities Council celebrates literature, promotes civil conversation, and tells the stories that define our state.

We do this by supporting and promoting public programming in the humanities; providing grant funding for community programs and research and discussion projects; carrying out the mission of the South Dakota Center for the Book (established by the Library of Congress in 2002) through reading and literacy programs and the annual Festival of Books.